Work-Life Balance

Last week, I attended a Work-Life Balance Seminar and also presented organizing tips to the attendees.  At first, I was unsure what to expect, but it ended up being an amazing learning experience for me.  Meeting and getting to know new people was also a plus.  Some good reminders from this seminar were the following:

1.  Review my retirement accounts and make little adjustments to my investments as the market changes. Usually, I will just select my investments and then not think about them.  However, the presenter, Justin, stated that once, when he did that, he lost out on $18,000!  Wow!  That's a lot of money to lose.  Thankfully, I will be contacting my financial advisor to make adjustments to my account throughout the year.  Each retirement dollar is important, and I, for one, do not want to miss out on any of them.  Thank you, Justin, for the reminder!

2.  Dale Carnegie's Human Relation Principles from "How to Win Friends and Influence People."  The presenter, Mary Beth, gave a list of 30 principles to implement during my interactions with other people.  This was a great refresher, so I look forward to using these principles in both my personal and professional life.  

3.  I took the "True Colors" personality test, which confirmed once again that I am a highly organized person who likes structure.  My highest score was the Gold color.  As I reviewed the list of what causes stress, the first thing listed under the Gold color was, "Chaos or extreme disorganization."  So true!  We also did a challenging exercise where we had to create a presentation for a color that is the opposite of our personalities.  This was a good reminder for me to understand others' personality types during my interactions with them.  

4.  Team building exercises.  It was great working as a team to build a tower using unusual items like a paper plate, cup, paper, straw, tape, knife, fork, cotton swab, etc.  The goal was to build the tallest tower.  My group's tower almost touched the ceiling and I thought we were going to win, but another team ended up winning instead.  It was a great exercise to build camaraderie. 

Overall, the seminar emphasized the importance of finding that balance for our personal and professional lives.  I am thankful for the lessons learned and look forward to how they will add value to my life.  My hope is that you, too, can find ways to add value to your life.