Spring cleaning? Here's 10 Organizing Tips to help you get started.

Spring cleaning is here and it is time to get your space organized. Clutter makes you feel overwhelmed. Here are 10 organizing tips to help you get on the right track and add value to your life.

1.  Clean one room or section in a room. Cleaning out the clutter in your house or office can seem like a daunting task. However, you can accomplish a lot by just starting small.  If you don't have time to do one room, organizing one section in the room, such as a cabinet or a drawer, can do wonders for you.

2. Categorize your items. Placing "like with like" can help you when you are looking for something. You can place all of your mail in one basket or drawer, all of your gift wrap in a storage bin, or all of your medication in one cabinet or box. This helps you find what you need quickly instead of sorting through a pile of stuff, which causes stress.

3. Have paper files?  Categorize and alphabetize them. Sort your file cabinet first by category (see #2) then alphabetize your files. Or, you can just alphabetize your files instead of categorizing them. Use either of these two strategies to find your files quickly when you need to reference them. 

4. Consider electronic files such as OneNote and Evernote. An electronic notekeeper has worked wonders for my filing. You can sort these programs by category, then alphabetize them as well. You can also cut and paste e-mail correspondence, photos, and weblinks in these programs, making it so much easier for reference purposes. The big plus is that you don't have a bulky file cabinet taking up space in your office and you just access them via your laptop or cell phone.

5. Arrange your closet by like items and then by color. Don't want to sort by like items?  Then sort by color. The choice is yours! Just make it functional for you so you can find your outfit quickly.

6. Write down all your appointments in one calendar. Using one calendar, whether you prefer a paper or electronic calendar, will help you stay organized with your time management.  In our house, everyone writes down their appointments in one calendar in our kitchen so that we all know what is going on and how to plan our schedules. Multiple electronic calendars can be uploaded into one main calendar so that you have all your appointments in one place. Use whatever system works best for you.

7. Purge old, broken or expired items. Stuff that is not useful to you is taking up unnecessary space.  Throw away expired food or medication. Discard broken toys or electronics. Old, but useful items can be donated to charity or passed on to someone else. The easiest way to get organized is to have less stuff. 

8. Keep your to-do lists in one file or program. Whether you prefer to write down your tasks or use an electronic task keeper, keeping your tasks compiled together will help you stay on top of them. Prioritize them by importance, then cross them off as they are completed.

9.  Don't have time to sort through e-mail? Set up filters so that your e-mail can be electronically filed into categories that you can reference later. 

10. Rotate items in your closet. Store your winter items in a storage bin and replace them with your fabulous spring wardrobe. 

Remember that the goal of organizing is to make your space functional. We can help you accomplish your spring cleaning goals. Contact us today - no job is too big or too small. Our goal is to add value to your life so that you can save time and enjoy what life has to offer.