The Value of Getting Organized in Business

As an entrepreneur and a Professional Organizer, I am constantly seeking new and better ways to become more productive and operate my business efficiently.  If you run a business and think you might need help getting organized, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my business organized?
  • What is working well for me?
  • What is NOT working well for me?
  • What are my organizational challenges?

After asking yourself these questions, consider if you can get organized on your own or if you need assistance.  Below are 10 ways you can streamline your business processes and increase your productivity.

  1.  If you still have paper files, try color-coding, categorizing, or alphabetizing your files, whichever you prefer.  Color-coding helps because the eye is naturally drawn to color.  You can also make all your files either Left-tab, Right-tab, and/or Center-tab for uniformity.  Purchase a label maker and label your files for quicker access.  Remember, paper files cost time, money, and occupy precious storage space, so scanning them or using a document imaging program will help clear out needed space.
  2. Use electronic notetaking apps.  OneNote or Evernote are good apps to use for electronic filing.  You can cut and paste links, e-mails, save videos, or type notes in these programs for easier reference and set up tabs just like a filing system to access your notes.  The best part is, you can also access these files across all of your electronic devices.
  3. If you need to track inventory, try using Lettuce, Goods Inventory, or Canvas. 
  4. April 15 is approaching, and we all know what that means. To keep track of business receipts, download receipt tracking apps, such as Neat Receipts or NumReceipts and scan them as you get them.
  5. Sign up to have your bills sent to you via e-mail, then set up filters to have your e-mail filed automatically. Mail can get lost and you don't want to take the chance not receiving your bills, do you?  Paper storage costs money, time, and precious storage space, and as entrepreneurs, we want to save money and use our time wisely. 
  6. Use cloud storage.  Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox are some good choices for storing your files on the cloud.  You can also access these across all your electronic platforms. 
  7. Automate your processes.  HootSuite can be used to automate postings to your social media accounts so you don't have to post to each account.  
  8. Use a calendar app or program if several users need access to the same calendar. I use Anytime Organizer, but there are plenty of other calendar programs for your business use.  Anytime Organizer can sync with my Google calendar to access on my phone.  You can also share your Google calendar with others.  Fam Cal is also a good app to use on your phone.  Using one main calendar, either paper or electronic, will help you stay organized and on top of your appointments. 
  9. Use a mileage tracking app like Everlance or MileIQ.  Some receipt tracking apps also include mileage trackers.
  10. Use a time and expense tracker such as Harvest to help streamline your records.

***And a bonus note:  Remember to back up all your electronic files and social media accounts!!!!

What are the values to getting your business organized?  I've already mentioned one of them - productivity! An organized business is a productive business, and for your business to continue to survive, you need to be productive. Other benefits include:

  1. Time management solutions.  Time is money!  Operating your business efficiently and streamlining your processes will save you time and money.
  2. Stress relief.  Clutter brings chaos into our lives, and your business is no exception. Getting organized will reduce your stress and help you operate your business more efficiently.
  3. An organized business projects a positive image to your clients, which is what you want in your business.
  4. Spend more time doing more important tasks for your business instead of wasting time with clutter. 
  5. Organizing your tasks by priority keeps you focused on growing your business. 

Clearly, getting organized adds value to your life and your business. Call (469) 957-7907, e-mail tracy@1to1organizing, or click on the "Schedule Appointment" link above to schedule your on-site assessment so we can get your business organized and help you remain productive.