What does it mean to get organized?

Often times, organization photos will show a beautifully designed space with amazing storage ideas and fancy closets.  While that is great, organization is really about function and making the most efficient use of your space.  You do not need all the latest storage containers and a fancy closet (while we all would love one).  I personally do not have one of those beautiful closet storage systems, but I do make the best of the space I have so that it is functionable.  That is what getting organized is all about.  

At a client's organizing session, our first option is to try and use what our client has in their house.  They may have a nice tray or bowl that can be used to display something else.  This saves them money because the cost of storage containers can add up to a lot.  You can use baggies or plastic food containers to store jar openers, binder clips, small drink powders, etc.  Target or Amazon has inexpensive bins for purchase to store assorted bottles, jars, or packages.  There are many storage options - all you have to consider is what will work for your needs now.  You can always upgrade later when your budget and space allows.

Organization is also about saving time.  How many times have you tried to find something where it was supposed to be, only to have it be misplaced somewhere else?  Then, you have to look through a huge pile of stuff and it takes so much longer to find what you were looking for in the first place!  As you work with us, we discuss what your normal habits are and work with you to place your items in areas that work in your daily life.  A mantra I tell my kids is, "If you put it in the same place all the time, you'll always find it."  This has proven itself true throughout my entire life. 

Getting organized also adds value to your life.  It frees you up to do other things, like relax, watch TV, spend time with your family, or whatever else you enjoy doing.  When your stuff is in order, it is one less thing to worry about.  Our goal is to help you restore order to the chaos and stress that clutter brings.  We've all heard the cliche, "Your time is valuable," but it is SO true. Organized space = life restored = less stress.  You can breathe easy once your space is neat and orderly.  

Once your space is organized, it really does not take a lot of time to maintain it.  Let us take care of the chaos so that you can get back to living life.