For the love of sweaters

It's been rather cold here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area lately, and I love to wear sweaters!  When you wear them, they can be so comfy and warm, which is why I love them so much because I am no fan of the cold. So, with this topic, how do you store and maintain your sweaters?  There are several options that I have found. 

1. Hang them up.  I have a collection of sweaters and cardigans that I hang up, but they can get stretched out or develop "dimples," which are highly annoying.  In the past, when I used plastic hangers, dimpling on the shoulders happened a lot.  I was able to solve this problem by doing two things: 

a) Buying velvet hangers.  This allows the item to "grip" the hanger and keeps it from moving.  Plastic hangers allow the sweater to move, thus causing the "dimples."

b) Hanging them up using the following hack: . This works wonders!  It is also very simple to do.

2.  Fold them up.  I fold my sweaters also and place them on my closet shelf.  With the help of a folding board, they can be folded to take up less space or if you worked in retail, you may have learned the tricks to folding sweaters so they look neat.  

3.  Store them using Space Bags.  Space Bags are cool because you can vacuum-seal your sweaters when they are out of season and they do not take up a lot of space.  You can purchase these on Amazon, The Container Store, or Bed Bath and Beyond.  

Have you found other ways to store your sweaters?  Share in the comments below!  Stay warm!